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Sushi and Sake with Rep. Scott Kawasaki- July 26

Join Sen. Johnny Ellis Jr., Sen. Berta Black Gardner, Kurt Parkan and Jason Nelson at Sushi and Sake for Rep. Scott Kawasaki, 5pm-7pm at 2360 Hialeah Dr in Anchorage. Rep. Kawasaki is running to represent Fairbanks in the AK State Senate. After 6 terms in the House and 6 years of President Pete Kelly, Scott has risen to challenge him for the future of the Senate! This race is pivotal because it changes the balance of government and the direction we head in the future. Do we want a state Senate that values progressive values and goals like equality, justice and fairness or do we want a Senate to turn even more like Washington DC? Join me and RSVP on Facebook:

Paid for by Friends of Scott Kawasaki; 2008 Carr Avenue; Fairbanks 99709.


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