Who is Scott Kawasaki?

Born in 1975 , Scott, along side his sister Sonja, was raised in Fairbanks for nearly his entire life. After graduating from Lathrop High School, Scott attended UAF where he achieved a degree in Biomedical Sciences.

In 1999 at age 24 Scott Kawasaki became the youngest member ever to sit on the Fairbanks City Council and has served in the Alaska State House of Representatives for 8 years and in the State Senate for the past 4 years. An avid fisherman, when he's not visiting with neighbors or busy at his office, Scott takes every chance he can get to go out and enjoy Alaska's great wilderness. 

He's just an everyday, hardworking guy who cares about his community and the people within it.

The Big Three

Though there are many things that Scott's passionate about, three issues have taken priority in-light of last year's legislative session

Providing Public Safety

Crime is on the rise. Alaskans deserve to feel safe in their homes and on the streets and Scott does not believe current leadership is doing enough to accomplish this need. In the Senate, will continue to work hard to secure essential funding to public safety throughout the state.

Protecting the Permanent Fund

Cutting the PFD hurts all Alaskans, hitting hardest those who need it most. Scott has voted for inflation proofing of the permanent fund and has fought adamantly for the PFD to be preserved for future generations. 

Putting our people first

20171005 Rep Kawasaki with Troopers 1.JPG

Alaskans should expect good education, from Pre-K to UA, and a vibrant economy where everyone can live and raise a family. As an alumni of both UAF and Lathrop High, Scott knows the value of a quality public education and our University System. Providing this for the people of Alaska has been and remains one of Scott's foremost priorities.