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Working Hard for Fairbanks Families

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Protect the Permanent Fund Dividend

"The PFD was designed to benefit every Alaskan equally. As [Gov. Jay] Hammond put it, all residents should share in our resource wealth, not just 'those who knew how to play the game (who) were able to secure subsidies for their pet projects, many times at the collective expense of all other Alaskans.'"

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Read more about Scott's plan to protect your Permanent Fund Dividend with a constitutional amendment in the Anchorage Daily News here...

Now, more than ever, our state needs leaders who will bring us in and remind us that we are all in this together- as Alaskans; to remind us of our common victories and challenges, and more importantly, of the common goals that unite us. I've done just that in the State House and I am ready to do it again in the State Senate.

Let us dream big, act boldly, roll up our sleeves and work hard, together, to get the job done. I humbly ask for your support.

Senator Scott Kawasaki


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